How to Have Authentic Paid Partnerships


It may seem like a good idea to get as many influencers representing your brand as possible, but consumers are savvy. If your partnerships aren’t authentic, you can lose credibility and you can lose customers.

What is a Paid Partnership?

First, let’s talk about what a paid partnership is. It’s when you pay a social media influencer to mention your brand. Instagram, Facebook, and other mainstream social media sites offer this function. For the business owner and the influencer, it’s a win-win situation. You get the mention and they get compensation. They have, after all, worked really hard to create their loyal following.

So What Makes A Paid Partnership Authentic?

As you might imagine, some influencers are willing to mention anyone for a buck. The problem is that these people lose followers. They lose credibility over time and let’s face it, your customers and followers may notice that you’re being endorsed by someone who endorses anyone and everyone.

So an authentic paid partnership is one where the influencer has a relevant audience and they aren’t representing or endorsing your competition or a hundred other non-relevant brands.

What to Look for In a Paid Partnership

Okay, so you’re going to look for influencers to work with and pay them to endorse you on social media. Start by looking at the brands they promote and how they promote them. Are they relevant? For example, is a technology influencer endorsing a cooking blogger? Or are they representing a software product?

Is their content relevant and consistent, and does their audience engage with them? Is their focus in everything they do on social media on providing value and creating a quality experience? Keep in mind that when someone endorses you, they are also representing you. You want to choose an influencer who will connect with your audience and represent your brand and your message with authenticity.

Building the Relationship and the Partnership

Once you’ve identified a few people that you may want to pay to endorse your brand, the next step is to put together a proposal for them. This of course includes payment, and many influencers have that information on their website. You’ll also want to look at creating a brief that highlights who you are, what your message is, and the value that your brand, products or services offer your audience.