Social Marketing Plan


Social media marketing is an essential tool for modern business because it can generate so much traffic, for subscribers and sales. But there is a lot to do, and it is important to make the time and effort count. That’s why it is important to have a plan in place to make the most of the opportunities available.

Here are steps to help you get started.

1-Begin from where you are

Evaluate your current situation. Which networks are you on? How robust and detailed are your pages? Would they impress someone in your niche who saw them for the first time? If not, be sure to build out your pages with as much useful detail for prospective customers as possible.

Also, take a good look around the page. Facebook and other social sites are adding new features all the time. If you have not updated your page recently, you could be missing out on some useful promotional opportunities.

2-Look at your metrics

Which sites are currently bringing in the most traffic? Who are your followers and what are they doing in terms of engagement? Look at Facebook Insights and other available reporting and use the data to start planning similar popular content, and ads if you have a budget for them.

3-Create a profile of the ideal customer for your business

This profile, often referred to as a marketing persona, helps you target the right people with the right messages. In terms of free traffic, the goal would be to create posts that were highly shareable. In terms of paid traffic, the persona will help you choose the right audience for your ad. This should lead to more clickthroughs and conversions into subscribers or sales. It can also result in more sales if you are using one of the social media sites that allow direct sales, such as Snapchat and Instagram stores within their interfaces.

Include the following in your persona:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income
  • Marital Status
  • Children?
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Pain Points related to your niche, that is, problems that your business can solve
  • Which networks they use

4-Set goals

Once you have your personas, you can set social media marketing goals. Examples can include:

Getting X number of new followers each month

Signing up Y subscribers each month

Attracting Z viewers to your next live video event

Increasing sales by X% each month

These goals can all be measured, so they can be easily tracked using your various reports.

5-Save your current reports

This will help you track your success as you move forward with your goals. For example, note down the number of followers you have when you start your new campaign, then check again at the end of the first month to see if you have met your goal.

6-Match the marketing methods to the goal

Once you have decided on your goal and are ready to track it, you can select the best methods to reach that goal. For example, if your goal is to get more followers, you can encourage shares with the varied content you post. You could also boost your page on Facebook and Twitter if you have a budget. Invite people to like your page, a few every day.

7-Create great content

Content will drive engagement. Create written posts, and use images, memes and video to make them more shareable. When you post something new at your blog, let the networks know. When you are launching a new product, make sure you have a social media campaign for it.

8-Automate the process

Use a scheduler like Buffer or Hootsuite to post your content, and cross-post it to several social networks at once.