Lifestyle Marketing

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What is lifestyle marketing?

Lifestyle marketing isn’t just about selling people products, but about linking the products to a particular lifestyle. Disney is one good example. They aren’t just selling vacations, they are selling an entire experience when you go to one of their theme parks, stay at one of their resorts, or go on one of their cruises. It’s not just about buying things, or vacationing, but about what sort of lifestyle the family wishes to live.  Nike is another good example. It isn’t just for the sporty, but the stylish as well.

What is a lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog is all about a particular lifestyle, such as style, green living, the single life, or parenting. A lifestyle blog incorporates different niches that would be of interest to those living that life. Therefore, if you are looking to market on a lifestyle blog, your marketing content needs to be in line with the typical needs of that audience.

Lifestyle Blog Opportunities:

Guest Blogging

Offer free content about the lifestyle and about products similar to your own, and including your own, to the blog owners. It is tough to keep a blog fresh and up to date with new content. As long as the post you offer is high-quality and genuinely useful, rather than a pure promo piece, most blog owners would be thrilled to give you a spot.

At the end of each guest blog post, include a resource box. This is basically a mini-biography about yourself and a special URL where they can go to learn more. Using a special URL is a good idea so you can track the success of each guest blog post. It also prevents the frustration they may feel if you just send them to your home page and expect them to find their way through your site. It can also be a golden opportunity to grow your email marketing list if you offer them an incentive such as a free ebook and put a sign up form on the page.

A guest blog post establishes you as an authority in your niche, which can help increase your subscribers and sales.

A Regular Column

If you love to write and/or have a lot of content, and have built a name for yourself, you could get a regular column on a lifestyle blog. You could be the go to person on, for example, cheap and easy ways to go green as a family. Each article you publish will establish your reputation. Start with a guest blog post and see how well things go. Establish relationships with lifestyle blog owners and editors.


Create a range of ads in different sizes, with different images and color schemes. See if there are any advertising opportunities at the lifestyle blogger’s site and/or in their email marketing. Their rate of pay should be reasonable, and will usually be on a per month basis.

Joint Ventures

If you have a website that could be considered a lifestyle one, consider a joint venture in which you swap content with each other to promote it to your email marketing lists. If you wish to promote a product, split the profits 50/50.