Celebrities vs. Influencers: Who Performs Better

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You’re working on your social media marketing strategy and integrating Influencer Marketing to grow your business. You know that influencers help increase engagement reach, brand awareness, conversions, and they can help boost your press and PR. As you’re searching for the right people to connect with, who performs better, celebrities or influencers? Who makes a better spokesperson for your business? Whose endorsement produces a better ROI?

Influencer Marketing Benefits

Targeted Followers

When you choose an influencer to endorse your brand, you’re choosing someone who has a dedicated audience focused on a specific topic. For example, if you’re in the fitness industry, you might partner with someone who has a dedicated following focused on fitness in order to reach the right people.

Increased Engagement

One of the strengths or assets that an influencer brings to the table is a following of dedicated people. These people engage. They comment, share, and talk about information the influencer shares. If you leverage this power, you will also see increased engagement with your brand.


People trust their influencers. They buy products and services their influencers recommend. If your goal is to increase sales, this may be the path to take.

Celebrity Marketing Benefits

Media Attention

If your goal is to get media coverage, then you may want to choose a celebrity. They have media reps watching their every step. If they mention your company, it’ll get noticed by the media.

Sheer Numbers

While a celebrity doesn’t have a targeted audience – children and grandmothers alike often follow the same celebrities – they do have a large audience. If you’re looking to reach the maximum number of people, a celebrity could achieve that.

Won’t Deviate

When you work with a celebrity to gain an endorsement, they don’t generally deviate from the brand message you asked them to share. An influencer has their audience to consider and may communicate with them about your brand in a way that you didn’t expect.

So which is better, a celebrity or an influencer? It generally depends on your business goals. In the majority of cases influencers win. They are authentic, they have their followers’ trust, and their audience is relevant to yours. If you’re looking for sheer numbers, or you have a PR goal, then a celebrity may be the right path for you. Decide what you need first, and then search to find the best person to help you achieve your objective.