Marketing on Instagram – Best Practices for Growth


Instagram’s daily user base is reaching 500 million per day, so if you are not already marketing on this social network, it could be a great opportunity for growing your business. However, as with all social media sites, they have their own way of doing things, which you need to master.

Optimize your account

Optimize your account so your target audience can see who you are and why they should follow you. You should write a great biography and use a striking profile picture. Use appropriate emojis as well-they are searchable and can help grow your followers quickly.

Look for top influencers in your niche or industry

Follow top influencers and see what they are posting, and post similar content if you can. Interact with that content so you will be more visible. If you think you are a good fit and they tend to post content about products, you can then ask if they would be willing to give you a mention. Some influencers will charge money, but it will often be cheaper than a pay per click ad.

Post consistently

Steadily post once or twice a day.

Post shareable content

Post the kind of content your niche will love, such as images, memes, video, and stories. If they are shared, their connections will see them and might like them so much, they start to follow you.

Use popular hashtags related to your niche

These will help people find and follow your content. Make a list of hashtags the influencers use and rotate using them to get wide coverage in your niche.

Use hashtags in the comments sections, as well

This will make you more visible. It also makes your caption look better than a long laundry list of hashtags.

Host a contest

This will create buzz and gain you new followers. Have the winners post images of themselves with their prizes.

Ask for the follow

Don’t forget to ask people to follow you. It’s a way of reminding them they can get great content about the niche from you automatically.

Engage with others

Encourage a 2-way conversation. Don’t just keep posting and ignoring your followers or they will soon unfollow.

Create great stories

Stories can be text, images and video. Create interesting stories for your audience. Pin your best stories to your account as an introduction to your company.

Paid methods

Instagram offers ads through the site itself, and as part of the Facebook ad network. If you create an ad in Facebook Ads Manager, you can cross-post it to Instagram and see reports on its performance.

For an ad, you need to start with a high-quality image that is representative of your business and is less than 20% text. Next, you need an attention-grabbing headline.

Then you will need a description, something that will make them click the ad to learn more. When they click, they will be taken to a particular URL. If you make the URL a Facebook or Instagram page, you will get more prominence in the ad network than an ad that takes them off the site.

Once you have created the ad at Facebook or Instagram, select your audience. Who are you targeting? It should be 18-30 year olds, the lion’s share of the users at the site, and a particular niche like dogs or fashion. Audience selection will be key to your success, so track and test your results and adjust your ad as needed.