8 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Profile as an Influencer


Almost everybody has at least one social media account in 2017. Not everyone has the profile quality required to be an influencer. However there are simple things you can do to improve your account in terms of influence.

  1. Post consistent content. It may seem obvious but if you don’t post frequently you may lose followers.
  2. Make sure your photos are high quality. It is important to be posting high quality, clear images. It will make your feed more appealing. Photos taken with a digital camera can greatly improve a profile.
  3. Have your email readily listed on your profile. Can you imagine anything worse than having an advertiser interested in working with you, but having them be unable to contact you?
  4. Create a website. Having a personal website can help establish your brand and make your profile appear more presentable.
  5. Create an email on your website.  Simply put, an advertiser is more likely to contact [email protected] than [email protected].
  6. Keep your content relatively appropriate. Agencies  and advertisers are less likely to work with you if you have vulgar or offensive content.
  7. Have a presence on multiple platforms. It is important to have a presence on other social media such in addition to your primary account to help establish your personal brand.
  8. Keep your ‘following’ count limited. The relative influence of your account seems less legitimate if you follow more than 1500 people.